Transcript for: Staff profiles: Kurt Kwiatkowski

Staff profiles: Kurt Kwiatkowski

Transcript for: Staff profiles: Kurt Kwiatkowski


[Speaker is Kurt Kwiatkowski, senior executive and corporate chef in the Culinary Services, a department of the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services.]

I’ve been on campus now going on my 15th year, and my current role as the corporate chef for Culinary Services, I’ve been in this role for about a year and a half now.

Every day my day is different, which is a great thing. I spend some time in the office. I have 13 different residential dining halls that I oversee production and food in. I help work with Food Stores in procuring different new ingredients, looking at all avenues so that we can give our guests the best possible product.

One of our guests should be able to go into Hubbard, and if they see Wisconsin cheesy chicken or a lasagna or the chicken picatta and go, “Wow, this is a great meal! I really enjoyed this.”

Maybe if they’ve got class that’s in the South Neighborhood, my goal is that it’s really close to the exact same, just like when you go out to eat at a restaurant.

I’m the one who helps my staff and I write the menus with input from the chefs as well as some of the cooks. We write the menus and then it’s up to me to enforce some of those, you know, do the walk-arounds, look at the coolers, how are they doing things, how are they preparing things – mostly used for training, for writing new recipes, getting new ideas – a little bit more of the administrative side, looking at overall food costs.

Each of the chefs are responsible, or managers are responsible for their individual, but now I work with other people in the central staff on hopefully menu-managing correctly, so that we can get fresher ingredients and fresher products and the best possible product out to our guests.

One of the things that we put into Brody is a demonstration kitchen, which is pretty neat in the fact that it’s kind of like it’ll be eventually be our own food network kitchen. It’s pretty amazing that I came here so many year ago and I’m still here and I still enjoy coming to work every single day. I work with some great people, not only in this office, but throughout campus and I know that everybody’s super proud to be a part of it.

And it’s going to be exciting. I think we’re going to be doing things. A lot of other universities are doing renovations to their dining facilities. I hope and I feel that the steps that we’re taking are going to set us so far apart from everyone else that we’re going to be setting the curve and be the leaders in residential and culinary services at universities campuses across the nation.


[Produced by Casey Nesterowich. Media Communications. University Relations. Michigan State University.]